What I Have Learned So Far

I have learned so much about the media, myself and writing in general during this semester. I have realized that I need to pay close attention to the types of media outlets that I keep up with because variety helps form well-rounded opinions. If I only read or watch content from one source, I am likely not to receive the full story because of media bias. Therefore, I have decided to receive my news from many different sources so that I have the best chance of being as educated on issues as possible.

Before I took this course, I had never been exposed to the AP style of writing that the media follows. I have a much better understanding of it now, which will be useful throughout my college career and afterwards when I pursue a career in public relations. Now, I am more aware of little details in my writing that I had previously looked over. I can also recognize AP style concepts in the news, which shows how applicable it is to the real world.

One of my favorite parts of the course is when we studied advertising and the different tactics that companies use to sell products. I have a new found interest for advertising and the different styles of it. I enjoy seeing an ad and being able to identify what appeal the company used within it.

Blogging has helped me this semester with my writing and also my own self-discovery. I have been able to show my creativity through topics that I have chosen and the way that I have chosen to design my blog. I now realize that blogging is so much more than writing. It is a way to connect your interests with the interests of your audience and a way to express creativity in many forms. I love how my blog has become a portfolio of my work that I am able to use for professional and personal purposes. I intend on using my blog on a regular basis and going back through it in a few years and to see how my writing has improved and progressed.

My favorite type of writing is print writing because length is not as much of a concern as it is in other forms. I include many details in my writing, which can make it lengthy. Writing for broadcast and advertising can be difficult for me. When I did my broadcast and advertising assignments, I spent a while editing because my writing was too long. The length and time restrictions were a challenge for me. I notice this when I write my blog posts as well because I always spend a significant amount of time editing.

Fake news is an interesting concept to me because in some cases, media outlets clearly mislead the audience into forming specific opinions about stories by leaving out details. However, in other situations, I believe that calling the news fake is a response to people not being portrayed in a positive light in the media. It can be a way of denial for public figures. A good example of this would be President Donald Trump’s statements.

I believe that news sources should not have bias because their job is to report stories so that the audience can form their own opinions about the information. Social media and blogs are the perfect places for people to comment on the news and interject their opinions.

I am excited to continue this journey so that I can learn more about communication and improve my own writing skills in the future.


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