The Ultimate Communication Tool: Social Media

social media

Social Media platforms are definitely the most successful ways to communicate these days. With a click of a button, hundreds or even thousands of people are able to view posts containing various types of content such as text, video, and photography.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are popular social media websites because it is quick and easy to share content. Instagram is the perfect place to share photos and build a profile of archive photography that can be viewed at any time. With many filters and editing options available, posting photos on Instagram has become one of the most popular forms of expressing creativity.


Some have said that Twitter is not as popular as it once was. However, I personally still use Twitter on a daily basis for the humor. The popularity of memes has given it a quality of comedy that has not been easily matched by other social media.


I believe that Facebook helps maintain the integrity of journalism the most because there is not a character restriction on posts. Therefore, news sources are able to post full stories without being limited. Also, news outlets are able to directly link their stories to Facebook posts for people to view.


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