Pantene’s Strong New Campaign

Pantene, one of P&G’s largest hair care brands, is celebrating diversity with a new campaign focusing on strong hair. The slogan for the campaign is “All strong hair is beautiful hair,” and the purpose is to showcase the heritage, diversity and beauty of African American hair.


Pantene Slogan2

The company wants to change the perceptions of beauty especially in the hair industry by being more inclusive of all hair types.

As part of the campaign, the company is releasing a new collection of products called the Pantene Gold Series specifically designed to strengthen African American hair. Pantene spent 15 years working with African American scientists, stylists, and dermatologists to develop the eight products.

Pantene Gold Series product group

Pantene Gold Series Product Line

Several people such as celebrity stylist Chuck Amos and singer/songwriter Jillian Hervey have already positively responded to the campaign and have expressed their excitement for the products to launch.

“I love that Pantene is making a commitment to African American women. With the help of innovative Gold Series Collection, women now have the best products to achieve their desired looks, while having the strongest, healthiest and most beautiful hair.” says Chuck Amos, Pantene celebrity stylist.

“Learning to embrace my natural curls has been a hard process for me and I know that many other African American women relate,” says Hervey. “I’m thrilled Pantene is taking a step in the right direction to celebrate all strong, beautiful textures and styles.”

To view and contribute to the project on social media, use the #strongisbeautiful hashtag.

To find more information on each specific product in the line, visit Pantene’s website.