Super Bowl LI Halftime Show


Lady Gaga performed during the Super Bowl LI Halftime show sponsored by Pepsi. She began the show on the rooftop of the stadium and paid tribute to the United States by singing a snippet of “God Bless America” and by saying a portion of the “Pledge of Allegiance.” Behind her, a display of lights formed the America flag.

During the middle of the show, she sang several of her original songs such as “Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” “Telephone” and “Just Dance.” Backup dancers and singers surrounded her as she sang. Before singing “Million Reasons,” she told the audience the purpose of the show was to make everyone feel good.

For the finale, Lady Gaga sang “Bad Romance” while the crowd performed a light show using brightly colored electric torches. She ended the performance by purposefully throwing her microphone onto the ground and jumping off of the stage.

After the show, many people discussed whether or not the show had a political message. Some agree that unity was the implied theme of the Halftime show, but others think that Lady Gaga could have been more intentional with the message.

Lady Gaga

Pictured: Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show.