Another workout from Beachbody on Demand and Shaun T is called Insanity.

The motto on the website is no weights, no gym, just results. Therefore, you can accomplish this workout from home without extra equipment.

The program consists of 45 workouts over the course of 60 days. If you are going to try it, make sure to commit to it in order to see the desired results.

shaun t2

According to the Lifestyle Updated website, the program has a big pricetag of over $100. The fee pays for all of the DVDs and the ability to access them whenever you want.

As Shaun T said himself, this is similar to T25 in that you will receive results, but it takes longer than 25 minutes like T25.

This program is also not made for beginners because it is so intense. However, if you are looking to train from Shaun T and get his legendary results, this might be the program for you.


Focus T25


Focus T25 is a workout regime that does not requite much time at all.

Shaun T has developed a program with BeachBody that fits an hour long workout into 25 minutes.

Shaun T said, “I’m the guy who created Insanity, but I know that everybody does not have an hour or more to spend working out every day. That is why I created Focus T25. So you can get those results in 25 minutes.”

shaun t

The whole program is on a DVD set, which means that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. You can choose from 10 different workout plans to find which one is right for you.

According to WebMD, beginners should not try it without being prepared to work hard for the full 25 minutes because there are no breaks.

If you are willing to follow the program strictly and stay consistent with the workouts, you might just find the results you are looking for in a short amount of time.



Accountability Partner


One of the best tips to take your fitness lifestyle to a new level is having an accountability partner.

Working out with a group or even one person can serve as motivation to make you want to exercise even when you do not feel like it.

Group classes are effective for motivating me because I know that I do not want to let anyone else down. Also, there is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.

Crossfit and Cyclebar claim that one of the best aspects of their programs is the community, and that can be attributed to having those accountability partners.

Having a friend or family member to expect you to be there and work out will be extremely beneficial in the long run. Plus, you can track each other’s progress throughout the fitness journey.


Personal Fitness Journey


Since beginning this fitness journey, I have noticed positive changes in myself.

I do not use the scale to measure my success because I prefer to measure it in the way that I look and feel.

So far, my favorite exercise that I have tried is running. It truly is something that you have to get into rather than expecting to love it right away.

Running on a trail rather than on a treadmill has been the most rewarding for me because I like to see the change of scenery.

I am considering training for a 5K race to challenge myself even more, and the perfect season for 5Ks is coming up. According to Runner’s World, it is important to rest after a race, which I will need to remember if I complete a 5K.

If you are interested in starting your own fitness journey, I encourage you to do so by trying a program or joining a gym.



Pilates is an exercise program that has been around for a while now, and it has stood the test of time.

Unlike other programs like Crossfit, the main goal of pilates is to build muscle without becoming bulky. The purpose is to remain slim and still have muscle tone.

Pilates can be done using a mat or equipment. It also has an aspect of metal training that can improve both physical and mental health.


The mind aspect of pilates states that the quality of movement is stressed over the quantity of movement according to the pilates website.

Joseph Pilates, founder of the program, said, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. Our interpretation of physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily, and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

If you are interested in toning existing muscles instead of bulking up, pilate is the program for you.



Health App


One easy way to track exercise in your daily life is to use the Apple Health App. It has several different features that are beneficial to leading a healthy lifestyle.

It can track your sleep patterns by working with the clock app to track when you go to sleep and when you wake up. Shape magazine claims that lack of sleep can lead to muscle loss, which is why it is important to keep track of it.

It can also track your daily progress, which is great to use when you are planning your workout routine. You may not have exercised as much as you thought you had during the day, which means you need to have a longer workout session.

It has the ability to store medical information such as blood pressure. This can be helpful before or after workouts to know how your body is coping with the activities.

Not only can it do all of this and more, but it will save all of the data for you to keep and see the changes over time.

According to Apple, the purpose of the Health App is to show health and fitness information all in one place.


Balance Exercise


The fourth and final type of exercise is balance.

It is often overlooked, but it is definitely important for maintaining core strength. Core strength is important for other aspects of fitness such as strength training.

Balance is key in practicing yoga because if you are not balanced, you will not be able to hold the poses for a long amount of time. Practicing yoga is a way to test your balance to see if you need to improve.


According to Body in Balance, having good balance can help improve reaction time. If you slip, you need to have good balance to keep yourself from falling.

Balance is especially important as we get older because our bodies are more inclined to fall or stumble due to aging.

According to Captel, some of the best ways to gain better balance are simple activities such as standing on one foot or walking from heal to toe.




The third type of exercise is flexibility. It is the lease traditional form of exercise out of the four types.

Flexibility provides a good foundation for the rest of the types of exercise especially strength and aerobic exercise. Two of the main benefits of being flexible are having a wider range of motion and improved athletic performance due to less restriction. These benefits were listed by Harvard Medical School.

Types of flexibility exercise include yoga and general stretching. Because it is a good foundation for other exercise, many people choose to do flexibility exercises such as stretching either before or after doing workout activities.


According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching improves blood flow to muscles, which is necessary after a workout. If you skip this step of the exercise process, you are likely to be more sore after a workout.

There is scientific evidence to outline how important flexibility is for other forms of exercise, so do not skip it. Always remember to stretch and even do some yoga.


Strength Exercise

strength training2

Strength exercise is exactly how it sounds, it builds up strength of muscles and bones.

Strength exercise can be altered depending on one’s level of skill and strength. For instance, someone who starts off doing five pound weights might increase to 10 pound weights with time.

The Captel website lists examples of strength training as using free weights, using resistance machines and using resistance bands to build strength. An example of a resistance machine is a seated leg press.

resistance bands

The benefits of strength training are extensive. Obviously, you will be stronger if you strength train. One less obvious benefit is less threat of injury.

According to, strong muscles and bones are less likely to be injured in the future.

You do not have to join a gym to strength train. As stated in a previous post, you may buy weights to use at home, or you can use resistance bands to get a similar effect.

strength training

Aerobic Exercise

In my next four posts, I am going to explain the different types of exercise: aerobic, strength, flexibility, and balance.


Aerobic is defined as “in the presence of or with oxygen” according to E Medicine Health. Therefore, aerobic exercise involves increased heart rate and increased breathing for an extended period of time. It challenges your body, which is why you need more oxygen.

Jogging, climbing stairs, dancing, and biking are all different types of aerobic exercises.


Benefits of aerobic exercise are increased endurance and the prevention of disease such as diabetes according to the Captel website. Because of the increased breathing, your lungs and general circulatory system benefit from this exercise.

If you plan on trying aerobic exercise, stay hydrated because being hydrated will help your body perform to its full potential.


Everyday Health recommends having both a warm-up and cool-down routine in your exercise to prepare your body to begin and cease exercising.

Aerobic exercise is probably the most common and the best place to start a fitness routine. Leslie Sansone’s walking program is another example of aerobic exercise.